The economical flooring solution. It is made by laminating together a layer of fibreboard, a detailed print, and a durable wear layer on top. It is easy to install and maintain. This type of flooring comes in a huge range of designs which accurately imitate any real wood. Its durability makes it suitable for living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.



Real Wood Flooring

Underlay is an important layer of foam or board which provides noise and heat insulation, with different products offering more or less of these qualities. It can also smooth out any minor imperfections in the sub-floor. It is an important consideration when choosing flooring and is relatively inexpensive. 3-5mm foam roll-type underlay is the ideal option for most sub-floors, they usually come with an in-built vapour barrier to protect your floor from moisture.


Skirting is the small width of board at the base of a wall. It protects the wall and creates a neat edge around the floor. Ideally, the flooring should fit underneath the skirting board and leave a concealed expansion gap to the wall.


Sometimes it is much easier to install a small width of trim to the existing skirting to cover the expansion gap. You will loose a couple of centimetres around the base of the room, but there is no risk of damaging the plaster when removing skirting boards.

Modern vinyl flooring or ‘Luxury Vinyl Tile’ differs greatly from vinyl sheet flooring commonly found in older kitchens. LVT can be made to mimic many materials such as stone or wood, and is very durable. It is also a good option for kitchens and even bathrooms as it is waterproof, however it requires a flat level subfloor.

Engineered Wood

Trim and Skirting

High quality real wood boards can be manufactured to slot together with a tongue and groove edges. These are very impressive and have a robust and classic feel. However, they are more expensive, and harder to install. They can either be laid on a layer of underlay, or glued directly to the sub-floor. As the floor wears with use, it can be sanded down and polished to refresh the look.

Another alternative is ‘Engineered Flooring’, which involves a thin layer of real wood on top of a plywood base. This can have improved properties in comparison with natural wood boards, and are slightly cheaper. However they cannot be sanded down indefinitely due to the thin top layer.





Wide Range


Not Water Resistant


Water Resistant


Requires Smooth Subfloor






Real Wood Look


Easier Fitting


Can't be Sanded


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